October 6, 2009

SOTD 10/06/09

Why do I draw this guy so much, I think its more for the villains and the fact that he has always had a cool back story to him. Like I said before, so many classic baddies in the original Batman the Animated.

I still think Patrick Stewart would have been a dope Mr Freeze, Arnold, what the heck were they thinking.


cdeboda said...

You played the game Arkham Asylum yet? I think you'd enjoy it...especially as it starts to uncover more of the baddies back stories. Plus they take a more darker tone with all the characters. :)

Eric Orchard said...

Awesome! DC needs you to do a Batman story, The animated Bruce Timm show was one of the best things ever,

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Chris-I need to play it, but I fear I wont get any work done if I do!

Eric-Thanks bud, that would be fun!