November 30, 2009

Makeup sketches Part 4 or 5 or something

Hey all, for those who celebrated it, Happy belated Thanksgiving. For those who do not, that was the reason for this hiatus of sketches. However, I did sketch over the break to try and keep up with things. So here we go.

I was watching the movie Body of Lies with Russle Crowe and Leo Di Caprio. OK flick but had some cool characters in it. This guy was inspired by guy who played the Jordanian head of intelligence. He just felt like a cool James Bond villain.

For this one I was looking at my Gil Elvgren book and watching the latest Rambo, man, that movie is blooo-dy. Anyways, I came up with my Scarlet Gunner form those sources of inspiration.

Still messing around with creatures, here is kind of a streamlined werewolf.

And for this one just simplifying my approach to design to see what I can pull and push with varying styles. O and he is a Cowardly Pirate.

Hope you enjoy, In some recent news I guess Ratchet and Clank the Lost Frontier came out for the PSP. I am credited as a concept artist on there. So with permission from my art director I will post some of the work I did for the game soon. Take care all!

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cdeboda said...

Cool sketches as always. Nice oozinators. Congrats also on the concept art cred...can't wait to see what you did on that title!