January 9, 2010


So, I was trying to save more steps to this, but as I got into my work flow I collapsed a lot of layers and lost some of the preliminary work. But the process is similar to the the illustration process I documented here:


However, here are some finishing shots of the piece.

After I worked out the values in black and white I use a color layer on top of the gray scale layer I created, this is all still under my line art layer in Photoshop.

Next, I create a normal layer atop my line art and begin to render. I started with tackling the kid in the panda suit first because it was the toughest area and I knew by nailing that it would help to set the tone for the rest of the illustration.

Next I worked on the kid sitting on the panda mech's arm, then worked on the camera kid and lastly moved on to the kids on the scaffolding. On the camera kid I start to figure out his holographic screen for his camera.

Added some glow to the hologram and started to finalize the kids and the window behind the kids.

Added a nice glow to the window given a hint of light coming through the broken window panes. Also, did a final pass on the shack and tree. I made sure to lower the contrast on the tree in the bg to create atmospheric perspective and give the image more depth. Lastly, added my signature to the bottom and made sure everything fit on the template correctly.

And...TA-DAAA! Final Illustration with header and text. From concept to finish I'd say this took me about 4-5 working days. Wish me luck guys, and on to the next illustration or concept art, I have some characters I want to flesh out and change the pace up a little for those who check my blog. Thanks!


Simon Scales said...

Hey Pat...its come up nice man!! I was gonna do a piece for the cover too but no time :) Good luck with it!!

Eric Orchard said...

This is brilliant! Really love it.

Chris Deboda said...

What contest?? You got this! ;)