March 19, 2010

SOTD 03/19/10

Here's another shape exercise. This one was pretty random, while checking Facebook I noticed an ad on the side of my homepage. I only saw it from the corner of my so I did not see any details. At first I thought it was an ad for a sumo wrestler, but upon further inspection it was a cupcake with chocolate chips on it. Well, I did not draw a cupcake but this is what I saw when I just looked at the overall shape of it.

Here is the actual ad next to my rendition. Again, I broke it up into parts so you can see what I was thinking. Mainly, get the overall big shape working, then sculpt smaller forms into it and add secondary forms atop of that for more specifics about the character. Sometimes people ask I how I come up with these characters or is there anything specific in mind when you do these shape exercises. Here's a short answer, the whole creative process is very spontaneous at times regarding what I see and my interpretation of them. This is something artists continually work at and for some it comes easier than others. However, once you open this door of creativity it is very hard to shut it off.

Now execution is another thing, it is more deliberate and this is where the artist's training kicks in. The more training in anatomy, perspective, figure drawing, color, etc... a person has, the more their ideas will come to life, closer to what they see in their head. Does that make sense?
I sure hope so.

Lastly, here is a quick screen shot of my desktop as I work on this samurai with sprinkles. Enjoy!

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Marcelo Vignali said...

Sweet! (OK, I couldn't resist the pun.)