March 18, 2010

SOTD 03/18/10

Sorry for the delay in posts, its tax season and I've been trying to handle all of that so I can get down to some drawing business dang-nabbit. Anyways, below is a character study for an illustration I am planning for a CGSociety Challenge. His name is George and he will be one of my protagonists in my zombie illustration I plan to do...yes my friends, I said zombie.

Next up is a little step by step process for my new web page splash page. I am about 80% done with it but here it is thus far.

Step 1: Clean lineart, worked out the design and incorporated a lot of my past character designs from several personal illustrations.

Step 2: Using Photoshop I color my drawing, I usually lay in flat colors at first and then build the forms with light and shadow atop.

Step 3: Redefining shapes and introducing a light source. I use a few layers, nothing too fancy though.

Step 4: This is the finish but as you can see it is not yet done, so I will be posting this step at a later phase.

Finally here is a sneak peak at the newest piece I am trying to finish up next week, can you guess?

So proof I have been productive, I will get back on the SOTD ban wagon and have some more stuff to show in the future. Thanks for stopping bay all!

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