March 11, 2010

SOTD 3/11/10

So I know I said I would draw more female but I couldn't help it with this one. A little change of pace from my normal sketches of the day. While I was at a sushi place with Kay, I sketch as I usually do, but while I was looking around the restaurant I saw a soy sauce bottle and never realized what a cool shape it was. That soy sauce bottle was the inspiration for this little astronaut sketch below for the shape and color language. Also, below the astronaut are some color comps for a my new website header that I am working on.

Next is what I was thinking and how I approached my Astro-Kikomanaut. As you can see, when I saw the bottle I broke it down into two major shapes, 1 for the head (the main focal area) and 2 for the body which I will carve and add onto it. For the head you can see how I used the nozzle for the nose and hair shape of my character.

3-I carve the legs into the big body shape because I need my character to have weight and balance. 4-I add the arms to finish off the character design and 5-I add the helmet shape to finish off the design as a whole.

For the colors I used the green cap of the bottle as my main color palette and just added a cool background with warms in the face and on his iron-man-esque chest plate.

Hope that gives some of you some insight into how my brain works.


Simon Scales said...

solid Pat.....solid!!!

Nino said...

great idea patrick. really like your approach here. very fun, u can also maybe call him kiko which i believe is a filipino name too :P

C.Deboda said...

Nice breakdown man! Shoulda killed 2 birds with one stone by turning this cool shape into a female character!

Alina Chau said...

Awesome character Patrick!! THanks for stopping by my blog! How have you been? ^_____^

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Simon-Thanks man! How r the kids?

Nino-Thanks dood, good stuff on your portfolio sight, glad you got everything done.

Chris-Yea, I probably should have, damn you calling me out on!

Alina-Hey, thanks lady! Been good, teaching and feelancing and taking classes, where are you at now?

Marcelo Vignali said...

This is very clever of you to simplify your character into a broad shape like a soy sauce bottle. Very well done.