May 5, 2010


Every term at AI I tell my students a few key things to remember for the term: 1) I am a hard ass but I am fair 2) If you want to make it out there you better be prepared to work your ass off and 3) You need to be a better draftsman which means more drawing from life!

So not to be a hypocrite the next few images are some studies from life that I have done. The purpose of these types of drawings is not only to hone my drawing skills but to increase my knowledge of different personality and shape types. In each drawing, whether it be exaggerated or not I always try to inject story into it to capture the gesture and life of each character.

The first few pages are from a gesture class at AI. The ones with the blue arrows were an exercise in finding the rhythm in the pose after your draw the initial gesture.

This page was done quickly because the kid was moving around so much. I did not have much time to capture any detail so I was mainly going for the "feel" of each pose. Each one was probably about 45 secs or so so I had to capture what was important and forget about all the little details. A great exercise for those who have problems with stiff drawings.

Next page is from a class I sat in on with my friend at CSULB. Mainly 1-3-5 minute poses. Super fast so again getting only what was necessary was key to these poses. Usually I have to inject story into the pose, but the model was awesome, she had swords and the costume from Kill Bill so we were drawing Uma Thurman from Kill Bill. So cool and she even had the soundtrack from the movie playing as we drew.

Lastly, a page from my sketchbook at one of my famous coffee shop days. Coffee shops are always great to see a wide cast of characters without having to go too far.



Djordje Zutkovic said...

Good advise to your students. Great observational sketching!

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