April 30, 2010

Creature Feature

Hey guys, back again I am still working in and out of this art funk, however, having some freelance projects on deck really helps out a lot. So, as I mentioned in my last post I was hitting the art wall, to update that I am getting over it slowly. What exactly have I done to help that out? Well one thing I started doing is reestablishing what my goals are for the year. This is something I recommend not to rush but really think about it. Once you have done this it will really help you to focus on your day ot day activities.

After that I write down my daily goals of things I need to do and want to finish. It's kind of like grocery shopping, you slowly cross out all the things you need to get and eventually your list is all checked off. First, when you make your list for your daily goals be realistic. I put down maybe 3 or 4 things and write down how much time I want to spend for each. I have even allotted time for my blog post so I do not waste time writing banter (which I think I'm doing right now) or wandering off to other blogs and getting side tracked form my work.

As I type this I am at a coffee shop, that is the second thing I did, get out of my comfort zone. Being surrounded by people makes you concentrate on your work for 2 reasons 1) it simulates a work environment with others and 2) you work so you do not listen to some really stupid conversations going on...AHHHH! Today has been one of my more productive days and psychologically as I check off my daily goals it really makes me feel more productive and creates a sense of artistic accomplishment. I know this may sound silly but honestly you have to trick your brain sometimes so that perfectionist mentality of not doing enough doesn't dominant your thinking.

I hope me writing this stuff helps other artists and even non-artists who seem to hit their own wall. You are not alone, there are others....hmm, that sounds hokie.

Anyway, on to some art, the following are some creature speed paints I have been doing with a few of my buddies. Each week we study something different and this week was creature design. Spent about 45min-1 hour on each really focusing on shape pushing myself out of a comfort zone.

Topic: Volcanic Hound

Topic: Creature from the Black Lagoon (more creature less anthropomorphic)

Topic: Sabre-tooth Arachnid

Thanks for looking all, I'll be back with a new post with a ton of gesture drawings from the past week.


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