April 19, 2011


Last year I worked on character designs and storyboards for a pitch project. The project was TVLAND's Harry Loves Lisa. and the pitch was for the show intro. It was going to be animated similar to the old Bewitched or I Dream of Genie intros. Unfortunately, the company I worked for didn't get the project, not to be biased but I think it would have rocked.

Anyways, here are the sketches and final designs and boards I knocked out during my 4 days of work at the company.

Here are the initial sketches showing my first take on Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna. I started looking at clips from the show to get their different expressions, I then took screen caps and started to do quick studies.

This is a size comparison chart, I was working on them separately so I had to make sure I was understanding the right scale between them.

These are the final character sheets showing size comparison and expressions all completed in Photoshop. They wanted a night and day shot so I did a quick background behind the characters just to add some mood.

Lastly, these were the boards for the intro showing Harry, Lisa, their kids and dog. I always enjoy working on these projects, its different and it is a blast working on Hollywood types!

Thanks for looking.

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