April 22, 2011


I went to the Page Museum today with some students. It was an impromptu field trip but a lot of fun. I forgot how liberating and satisfying it is to draw from life. Getting away from the computer screen is something we tend to forget to do but so vital. I was happy to see a lot of my students drawing on paper instead of staring at a computer screen which is something we all do day in and day out.

I cannot wait to do this again and hope my students start to venture out more, part of art is experiencing life and getting out there but with technology these days we end up chained to a computer desk. Rise up and fight the chains, go out and draw, have fun, get some sunlight and hang out with friends. You need this balance in your artistic life so you do not burn out.

Anyways, enough ranting, here are my sketches from the day, all from life on location.

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