April 27, 2011


Every artist has worked for a company where they were super excited at the project and then it either gets canceled or goes in a totally different direction. This has happened to me numerous times so I am not a stranger to it. Here is such a case, below are some cover comps that I did a few years ago for ZOOM comics for their Disney line. Unfortunately, I did not get any further than the stages you see below.

Finally, the good thing about having an annual zoo pass is being able to go anytime of the week. Today while doing errands I decided to stop by and do some sketching, maybe for just an hour. I was fortunate that I went today because the rhino was actual out and about. I took some shots and got in some really good study time. It was rather warm today but like the animals I stuck to the shade and tried to stay cool while drawing. Good times.

First hour of sketching.

I was about to head out, but decided to turn around and look for the rhino, thankfully listening to my gut proved rewarding. Second hour of drawing.

Also, the dang hippo wasn't in the water for the first time...amazing!


C.Deboda said...

Hah, what a coincidence, I was at the zoo earlier today too (the SD one)...and it was the first time I saw the hippos out of the water there too! Amazing indeed.

Also, I'm noticing a lot of "unfortunately's" on your freelance posts. We need more "fortunately's" next time. :)

roy santua said...

Wonderful illustrations, enjoyed watching the sketches.
Hoping to see more. Thank You for the visit!