November 4, 2011


Some environments I have been working on. Premise is an abandoned oil rig type factory that produced anti zombie weapons and mechs for the military. Unfortunately, the plague reached the factory, mistakes were made and well, everything went to crap.

This is the story of a salvage team going in to inspect and retrieve data essential  to starting the program again at a different facility. Let's hope they succeed.

Rough exterior shot

Interior thumbnails

Perspective Lay-in for interior shot

Lineart Drawing

Value Lay-in

Thanks for looking!


Ewgene said...

It is really cool! Being in the beginning of my way in big world of professional animation, I always love to see such sketches and step-by-step drawings, which help me to learn more about creative process!

estelle said...

Wow~ looks awesome! Good job :)

William Michel said...

Let's collaborate and do a video game based on this! :-)