December 20, 2011


The first image is a page of some digital sketches I did at a coffee shop. Some of these people I actually saw with a little embellishment here and there. I would like to say I am very diligent and do this everyday but then I would be lying and my catholic mom would smack me with a spoon for such an offense. When I can sketching these little studies are very fun and liberating but damn is it hard to draw cute chicks.

This next one was a submission for an ArtOrder challenge run by Jon Schindehette.  It;s a great sight with a lot of insight, interviews, competitions and opportunities. I met him briefly at the San Diego Comicon and he was a real genuine guy. Anyways, the brief for the challenge was to create an illustration from a provided character reference image in the style that was designated. Think anime-ish with robots and creatures in armor.

Below is the comp as well as the finished illustration. It wasn't chosen but there's always a next time! Gotta keep your head up!


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