December 16, 2011


Doing turnarounds is a real pain in the butt, however, it is part of the production process wether it be for animation or gaming. Everyone I know hates doing them and most teachers I have met hate teaching it. As a teacher I always try to pass things down to my students that I wish I had been told in school so instead of avoiding it I integrate it into my class curriculum. Every term I ask the students to take one of their characters and do a 5-point turnaround. Nowadays for games and animation most orthographies (turnarounds) can be pretty simple because of how good the 3D artists have become.

Nevertheless, what I tell my students is that if you can visualize your character in ever angle possible and are able to communicate that idea clearly to the next person in production, that makes you a more effective designer. Also, if you can do a 5-point turnaround a 3-point is cakewalk.

Below are turnaround demos from my class, the second one has some notes that I gave my students and hopefully will benefit some of you out there.

Best of luck.

By the way, I demo the turnaround 4 times a year and I still don't like doing

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