January 13, 2012


As we traveled around each city of course I would have my sketchbook handy and be drawing everything in sight or try to that is. My wife is very patient and gives me the time needed to complete these drawings, however, one day she decided to change it up for me.

While in a London coffeeshop hanging out she looks at me and says CHALLENGE. I looked at her and said what challenge. She was calling me out and pointed to an area of the street and said draw it! I looked at her a little confused then said OK. Below is the first challenge.

From city to city she would walk around the sites find a spot and beckon me over and say challenge. This was actually quite liberating because I would just have to sit down and draw. Here are the rest of the challenges. All were drawn on site, no rulers just a lot of patience and a lot of prayers for a good drawing.

 Interior of the coffeeshop.

First Church I drew on the trip.

Interior of a tapas bar in Madrid.

Book store in Porto, Portugal that inspired the aesthetics of Harry Potter.

Majestic Cafe, where J.K. wrote Harry Potter, Porto, Portugal.

Church altar detail.

Some exterior sites in Cordoba.


Tapas bar, I had a few too many canas while drawing this.

Alcazar, holy crap I was cold while drawing this. I wanted to stop but the wifey told me to suck it up.

Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

THe tomb of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel. 

Barcelona cafe.

Sagrada in Barcelona.

Detail studies of lamps and tombs in Barcelona.

I will be posting more sketches and images from the trip in the coming weeks. Next post I will show some new art I am working on to shake things up. Enjoy!


Anna said...

I wanna go to Spain now! Super dope! Good job Kay! Great idea!

jimmy ly said...

great sketches patrick!

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Anna-Thanks dood, yes Kay gets kudos but don't let it get to her head:P

Jimmy-Thanks brutha, they were fun to do glad you like them!