January 9, 2012


Me again, one thing good about jet lag is that it makes you wake up early. Bad thing is that I am hurting for sleep right now. Anyways, while on the trip we had limited internet access and most of the times no T.V. in the room. Some may be bored but it was actually very liberating for me. Made me realize how much time I waste looking at stuff on the net, checking my email, etc... This year I am trying to do less of that and draw more each day. The proof behind this is that in 3 weeks time I went through 4 pens, 4 markers and 2 sketchbooks. This is more drawing than I did in the previous 2-3 months. Well, I scanned all the drawings which took a while and when laid out it looks something like this:

This is a trend I am planning to keep up. So far it's been pretty good but then again I am only 2 days back into the grind at my computer. To get off on another good note the next two images were drawings I did at two different restaurants. The following was done in Lisbon (Portugal) at a restaurant called Decadente. This was done Christmas night, everything was closed the night before so our Christmas eve dinner was McDonalds. The food at Decadente more than made up for that night and the people at the restaurant were so awesome and friendly. It really made our Christmas night away from home special. Shout out to my new friends Alex and Rafaela!

The next sketches I drew in Cordoba (Spain) at a restaurant called Bodegas Mezquita.  We took a train for a day trip to visit the Mezquita. This page was done at a tapas bar because I was going mad with hunger. Luckily I had a cerveza and some fried baby squid so I was a happy camper.

Next up I decided to spruce up the drawings with a little touch of color.

Like I said before, good times, great food and great people.

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