August 29, 2012

Gallery Show Alert: PRESS START

Hi guys! I have the great honor of being part of a fantastic show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington: "PRESS START: Video Game Art by Video Game Artists": opening reception is this Friday, August 31!! G4 did a write-up of the show and they picked my piece to open up the's sooooo rad. I'm not making this up. Ha ha ha...check it out:

The show is a tribute to modern day video games from 1995 to present. The theme was open-ended so artists pretty much had free reign to create. I chose one of my favorite games, Left 4 Dead, and threw in a few other characters here and there. Below is a small sneak peak but to see it in all its glory and to identify those mystery characters in the background, you are going to have to see it in person!


Andrew Wilson said...

Piece came out awesome dude. It seemed to resonate with the peeps walking through the gallery at the opening.


Patrick Ballesteros said...

Thanks buddy and thanks again for getting me in the show. I am glad the piece went over well with everyone!