November 9, 2012

Sketch Friday and Contest Winner!

I went to the zoo recently and saw a few monitor lizards feeding on mice. Gruesome yet the little kid in me was screaming "COOOOOOOOL!" Inspired by those little critters I decided to design a little alien dude. I'm trying to shake it up for myself by designing a few creatures. 
Pen & ink plus Photoshop
And now...the winner for the naming contest has been chosen! It was a tough decision choosing from some fun and crazy names. When thinking of a name you always want it to fit nicely like a puzzle piece and I thought about this when I made my decision. 

Without further ado, congratulations to Jared Latigona for the winning name: Comrade Commander Chaos.

This name was chosen for a few reasons:

  • Very playful and fun
  • Easy to say and remember
  • Fits the personality of the character displaying authority with a twist of instability
  • The initials are CCC and it reminds me of CCCP, which is equivalent to USSR

Jared, you have won yourself a free sketch commission and I will be contacting you via email shortly.

Thanks again to everyone for participating and check back for more contests and prizes.

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