September 13, 2013

Sketch Friday

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long gap in between posts. I am trying to keep consistent by posting every Friday, but work and just life in general catches up with you fast. It's like you blink and all the sudden it's September? Where the heck did summer go? As for me, I have been working on quite a few projects that I can't talk about just yet but I am super excited and cannot wait to show you. For the upcoming conventions In November I am working on quite a few new prints, Thundercats, Pacific Rim, and some horror movie characters are all going to be given the Patrick Ballesteros twist to them so stay tuned!

In the meantime I know it is Friday and we all what to get out and enjoy the weekend, but dangit doesn't it always seem like something comes up right before you are about to leave to go home? I call this the "Monkey Hour". It's basically when someone gives me some BS work to do that I could have done earlier in the day and really is of no importance. However, you have to treat it as a rush item and finish it before your weekend can start.

This is how I feel sometimes doing this "Monkey Work."

Not to end on a bitter note here are some sketches that I did out and about this week. Enjoy the weekend and get the Monkey Work done so you can finally relax! I know, it's been a long week for us all.



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