January 23, 2008



Well, its that time again for another one of Pat's crazy art shows, this Sat. night, Jan. 26, 7-10pm at the Koos Art Center in Long Beach! Well, not mine solely, this show is put on by the awesome people over at ISM Community. They've worked really hard to have this show and its their GRAND OPENING! How cool is that?!?! Above is the info as well as a roster of the talented crew that will be exhibiting their work. I've circled some important info so make sure you catch that! I will be showing 3 pieces that I haven't shown in So cal so get ready to be mesmerised and wowed...if not I'll make sure to wow you with my dancing skills.

Gallery Site:

Here are some preparatory sketches I did for one of the pieces as well as a sneak peak at one of my newer pieces.

So I hope to see some familiar and unfamiliar faces there it should be a fun time!

As a special treat for reading my blog today, I'll show you a cover I worked on for BOOM! Studios that should be coming out soon, Cthulhu Tales. Below is the art as it appears on their site and one without all the type for you A.D.D. folks.

And an extra special bonus since I'm such a nice guy, here's how I usually start for a cover.

The size on screen is about the size I draw at, really small. At this beginning phase I am purely concerned with values and composition at a small scale so I don't have to think about detail at all. I usually go back and forth between these types of comps as well as some detailed ones, if I have a clear idea in my head. I also switch it up so my mind and hand do not get bored. Its weird, you gotta play mind games with yourself to keep your own attention. These are all done with ballpoint pen so I will not be tempted to erase and noodle around too much. I have a couple more pages of this stuff but this one was the most organized so I'll be posting more later.

Well, hope your brains don't explode from all this, if you manage to make it through the post many thanks and I will be posting artwork from an online competition I entered at the beginning of next week so stay tuned!


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Daniel said...

Damn, you've been up to some cool stuff. Stan Lee? Crazy... I gotta make it up to one of your shows sometime.