January 15, 2008


Yup, that is me and FREAKING STAN LEE! So as yo can see the show was a blast and the biggest of my young career thus far. We got to the gallery around 6:45pm and my friends were all " Get in there, Stan is there. Not knowing where to go I was fearful I would miss my chance to meet the legend. Luckily me Fernand and Kay found our way in and safely made it inside, mission 1 accomplished.

As we ventured around the gallery we saw some amazing work on the walls, I still need to go back and take pics of a lot of them. Anyways, my mind was elsewhere cause all the electricity in the air was surrounding Stan the Man. Jensen the curator was making his rounds with Stan around each piece. I didn't notice a damn thing but it was Kay's eagle eyes that spotted Stan approaching mine and she told me to casually stand around my piece. Very smart of her cause next thing you know "O Hey Stan"

Jensen told him about my piece and Stan replied " I love how these characters have your own original take on them" He was really impressed and liked them a whole lot. Next thing you know he said let's take a pic and he shook my hand. I nearly peed my pants, this guy was one of my idols growing up and was instrumental for me getting into art in the first place. This moment goes in my top 3 of all time. So mission 2 accomplished.

See, here's Stan happy.

It was super crazy trying to get around the gallery as the night went on. It was hot and there was still a line up till the wee hours. Thankfully, things were thinning out and I decided to call it an evening around 945pm. I didn't realize how exhausted I was till I sat down, man, my legs were killing, but it was sooo worth it.

Traffic Jam around my piece, AWESOME!!!!!

And here are the two pieces I showed side by side entitled "Timely Wonders"

Seeing them at the gallery is another experience, and I encourage all of you to go down there not just to see mine but all the other kickass artists work on the walls. A truly inspirational event and show. These are still up for grabs so if you are interested send the gallery a holler. Thanks to everyone who showed up, chit chatted, texted, Im'ed and gave all their love and support. It is truly appreciated and keeps me going. THANKS ALL! Back to the drawing board, gotta get ready for a show next week and I'l have more goodies to post later this week. See you then TRUE BELIEVERS!

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