January 2, 2008

STAN LEE Artshow

Hi everyone, finally the show is near. I have been working on pieces of this show for a couple months now, so I thought I would do some shameless plugs for it while I have your attention. This coming Tuesday Jan the 8th at 7pm I will have the honor of showing some of my work with about 100 other artists at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. The title of the show is: Under the Influence-A Tribute to Stan Lee. Basically, I get to create artwork of famous Stan Lee characters in my own flavor and Mr Stan Lee is making a guest appearance, how cool is that!

Here is a link to the show site as well as contact info and address:

FYI they are expecting a lot people for the grand opening so parking will most likely be a pain in the arse since it is mostly street parking. I suggest getting there early to get some good parking, Pinks Hot Dogs is right there so you can get your Chili Hot Dog groove on!

So, I also wanted to entice you to go by showing some sketches and a teaser of the upcoming artwork you will get to see by yours truly if you go.

This first image are some preliminary sketches I worked on in trying to figure out the look I wanted for theses classic characters. I did this waaaay back in September and spent a good chunk of time doing tons of research and sketches for each character.

This next image is kind of the process I go through with a lot of my work, just sketching, playing around with proportions and silhouettes trying to create a unique look and shape for each figure so they stand out in the picture as a unique individual, but don't break the composition as a whole.

Here are more studies as well as a composition layout for one of the pieces.
I try to plan out a lot of things in the beginning stages because 1)It saves me time and grief near the end of the process and 2) its just so much fun.

And finally, here is a small treat of the final piece I am showing. I am showing you about 5% of the final image so there is a lot more to be seen of this one, and you'll only get to see the rest of it at the show! So go go go!

Thanks to everyone for all the support, I hope to see some if not all of you there! Any questions just email me.


&Rew said...


cool piece.

wade sent me to your blog.

see you at the show.


Asa Enochs said...

Hey Pat,

your sketchbook pages are great. It's good to see them, I wish you would put more of them up on your blog.

ANNA said...

hey pat! i'm sorry i missed such a great show! =( Tin and I will try to see the exhibit before it's over. i'm so proud of you!

Israel S said...

Sorry we didn't get to meet at the opening, it was so packed! Your paintings are great, so much going on!