June 29, 2008


So been working the midnight oil the past few nights. I got slammed last week with teaching 3 days out of the week. It was super draining but in the end was worth it. I just hope the students enjoyed the mini-workshop. Well, here's a demo I did last week on adding digital color to lineart. Hopefully you all know who this is, I had fun painting him up.

Next was the rework of a creature design I posted before, still needs tweaks and I am working on a 3rd version with color so more to come on this guy.

The next two are space suit designs for a space detective I am working on. He's pretty much the unlikely hero, washed up, ex-police doing whatever it takes to pay the bills. I was looking at images of Bruce Willis from Die Hard to capture that feeling. The first batch are quick studies for shapes that I know I need to push more. The second page is a more final iteration based on one of the smaller silhouette studies. I am actually working on another version of him and hopefully will get to color also.

Thanks again for dropping by, more to come!


Eric Orchard said...

Yeesh! How did I miss your blog? Amazing work, really beautiful. I'll be back to visit.

Simon Scales said...

Hey Man
just had a look around...some great stuff here - loving the hulk!!! Talk soon

cdeboda said...

Just read that you'll be giving a workshop/panel thing at the Con. I am so there! Can't wait to learn from one of the best and hopefully become a character artist myself one day too. :)