June 17, 2008


Usually summer break is filled with relaxing in front of the TV, catching up on those Tivo'd shows or hanging out with the boys and playing some NBA2K8 or Gears of War. Well, I still try and do that but this summer has to be one of the busiest of my career. I'll get more into that as Comicon draws closer but just to let everyone know I will be in 2 upcoming shows in the summer. Again, I'll post more details as the time gets closer.

Now, on to some art. First up, this is a comic book cover I did for BOOM STUDIOS: Zombie Tales. The colors looked a little off on the web but this is how it should look. Basically,
playing around with the idea of who is watching who. I also just wanted to draw an old guy with a shotgun. Come on, who could resist that.

Next is a creature design I been working on for a class. The head is still not working so I have to figure that out as well as push some more shape variations in the legs. We'll see how it turns out this week. I have to have it colored up by Sunday...yikes!

Next up, some head studies, just pushing shapes and trying to come up with different shape solutions for different head types. I need to push these further and really go out of my comfort zone.

I have been relieving my childhood through Youtube (thank you Internet gods) and have been stumbling on a lot of kickass cartoon shows form the 80's. In the weeks to come I am going to be testing things out: poses styles etc...I have about 3 pieces In mind but there was so much gold from that time that I gotta start sketching the rest of the ideas out. Anyways, here's test 1.

Lastly, just a page out of the old sketchbook. Trying to stay loose and fresh.

Enjoy, I'll be back with more.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Patrick, Makes me want to do some illustration! Thanks for the motivation! :D

Anonymous said...
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