July 9, 2008


So I was asked a few months ago to participate in an upcoming gallery show called BEASTS OF BURDEN. It is going to be in downtown San Diego the Friday of Comicon July 25 and it is a custom vinyl toy show at Gallery Subtext. Now you are asking, painting vinyl toys, since when did you do that? To that I would answer, as of a few months ago I do.

Well I dropped off the final product this past Monday but before I was willing to part with my labor of love I snapped a few process shots.

First, is the really messy paint set up I was using. I had just few colors, some warms and cools, I try to keep things as simple as possible for myself. The tricky thing about the painting was keeping the acrylics damp so that they wouldn't dry up so fast.

Next, is the beginning phase of painting the head, I bought the green as is so I wouldn't have to mix and match the skin tone each and every time. It made it easier for tough-ups later on since it is such a potent green.

Here's the head with a little more detail added to it. I used about 4 different brushes in all, all sables. I was able to get a lot of crisp edges using the sables.

Next I attacked the body. The gray on the vinyl toy is an automotive primer from home depot that really makes the paint stick a little better to the surface.

Next, is a shot of the arms and legs. I had to paint in layers to get a nice consistent brush stroke. I went through 2 other vinyl toys as test runs and boy I learned to paint in layers from those. Maybe I'll have the courage to show those later.

Here's a detail of one of the arms, hopefully at this point some of you can tell the character I am aiming at. If not, well then you just gotta see the whole thing in person at the gallery show.

That's all for now, I will post the flyer for the show and other details in the coming week. Thanks for visiting all. I will update real soon with more artwork that I have been working on, just thought this was a nice change of pace for you all. Be back soon.



cdeboda said...

Sweet! I gotta check out this gallery. Send out the details/location soon. :)

Simon Scales said...

sweet man
lookin very cool
toys hey....youll have to show me this sometime!!