March 24, 2009


Man, I feel like a slacker, my bad for not posting sooner, it has been pretty hectic and I just realized it has almost been a month since my last post. Basically, what has been keeping me busy is that I have been working in house at a Technicolor in Burbank. Its an outsource company and right now they have me doing some characters for a project I cannot discuss. Its a lot of fun and I have met some really kick ass artists but I work 10 hour days, go home, do another 4 hours of freelance or work on my children's book i am trying to finish and then I teach all day Friday.

Wah wah, I know....I feel blessed to be working but man, MR. Burn Out is hovering around me.

OK, here are a couple things I am trying to finish in my spare time.

This is a character I have been working on for a story I am developing. This is round one of him and will probably go thru a few more revisions. He's the leader of a ghost hunting team.

Next up, part of my Peter Pan remake, this is TIC TOC CROC. Pretty self explanatory, he is basically a charging, vicious time bomb...literally.

Lastly, Just some random doodles.
Again, my apologies for lagging. I will post again soon and will get some color on those 2 characters. Happy March everyone! Thanks for looking.


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