October 19, 2012

Sketch Friday

I have been working on some characters for a personal project. Here is a rough draft for one of them. 

Below you'll find one of the main villains from my story. I'm still trying to come up with a cool name for him but here are his personality traits.
  • Crazy
  • Russian
  • Pungent halitosis from drinking too many Slurpees
  • Tank chassis rattles and shakes a lot but moves really fast
  • The sound of his laugher carries across a humongous room
  • He has been imprisoned in space and in solitary confinement for 20 years. Recently he has escaped from solitary and freely roams the space prison causing chaos and mayhem.

There is still quite a bit of fine tuning to do with him ; however, if you have any suggestions for his name then by all means drop a comment.

Actually, how about this? The person who provides an awesome name gets a small treat in the mail from me?! In 2 weeks, I will pick the winning name and post the prize on this blog. So slap on your creative, crazy, thinking caps and send in those names. 

Oh yea, post those creative names in the comment box below, thanks again and good luck!


Orbelin Jaimes said...

Hows about:
Vaslirpie Crankoryevich Zaytsev

Jane HM Kim said...

General Jonatank the Cyborg

catch phrase: Don't you touch my slurpee!

Darot Doeum said...

Play on words:

Sevilin "Big Gulp" Tankolov. The nickname can me changed to "Brain Freeze" hahaha..something like that.

Kris Tolentino said...

Sergey Blastski

"You mess with Sergey...you go boom boom..Aghhahahahaha"

missfaithy said...

Ivan Tankovski the Great

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Thanks guys! Keep them coming I will be announcing what the prize will be by the end of this week!


Edwyn said...

sotnik "Timur" Sasha Nikolaevich

sotnik - captain of hundred men

Timur - iron

"with these guns, i am hundred men"

"call me Sasha and you die a not so very happy way."

Martin said...

Aleksandr Molotov!

Tara Johnson said...

Boris Lagunov

By the way, I really enjoyed your presentation today for PMC! It was thoroughly educational and inspirational and I had a good laugh.

Jose Pedro del Teso said...

And... some more options: Piotr Makinovich or Vladmir Madnorovich.

Jared Latigona said...

Not sure if you made the decision but how about Commander Comrade Chaos.