December 5, 2012

Comrade Commander Chaos

Here is the final image from the "Name this Guy" contest that wrapped up a few weeks ago. This was a pretty fun concept to finish off as I went through a lot of variations and revisions. In the end I am really happy with what I created and at how the name suits this character perfectly. Big thanks again to Jared for helping me name this big guy. I am creating a few characters for this world and will be posting them here from time to time so there might be more contests in the future!

Who knows, maybe I will even put a short comic together using this batch of misfits. ;)


Gina Florio said...

Hi Patrick! It's Gina from CDA. Just discovered your blog! I love this character and also your recent Princess Bride and Firefly illustrations! Looking forward to keeping up with your great work here.

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Thanks Gina, glad you found me!