December 3, 2012

Sketch Friday (delayed)

Again this sketch was supposed to be posted last Friday; however, I have a good excuse for missing it. No my dog did not eat my sketch but I did get food poisoning. What from? I have no idea, I am just happy that weekend is over and I finally have my appetite back. Anyway, I plan on getting back on track with my Sketch Fridays and will have a few more posts this week to keep you amused and entertained!


Andrea said...

Glad to have you back to health. We'll excuse your tardiness this time! Always enjoy seeing your work Fridays or other days. Rock on!

Barney Joseph said...

Good to have you back :) Love your sketches. Take care!

Michael Chae said...

Someday Mr. Patrick, someday I believe that I'll be able to sketch something like this... :)

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Andrea-lol thanks for the leeway I will be back on it!

Barney-Thanks man, appreciate it!

Michael-just keep pushing on that's all I kept doing.