May 24, 2013

Sketch Friday

Not so much a sketch but it started out as one if that Anyways, every so often I get commission requests, some can be fun and interesting while others can be quite random and make me scratch my head. This one actually caught my eye and I was happy to do it for such a great guy.

Bryan is in the military and he contacted me a few months ago and asked if I could do 2 illustrations of playful scenarios of him with his son and daughter. He wanted to present the illustrations as a gift to his kids on his deployment ceremony. I was extremely honored to be part of this occasion and gladly accepted. Below is what we came up for his kids.

And here are a few pics of the ceremony and of Bryan presenting the illustrations to his kids.

 Its moments like these that remind me why I chose to be an artist. Bringing joy to others and helping to create memories is what being an artist is all about and I was happy to be a part of one on this day.


Gaby Suarez said...

This is amazing, Mr. B. Truly inspiring, as always..

Joni Chism said...

I follow your blog and find your work quite inspirational. I had to leave a comment on this one though as these sketches hit home. I was also military and while I never deployed I was often away from home and my children. These two illustrations capture those precious few moments military members have with their children perfectly. Outstanding work!